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Program Background

In recent years, enterprises have become more and more concerned with occupational health and corporate social responsibility (CSR). In this regard, sponsored by the Department of Health, The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon, has launched the program named “Smoking Cessation Program in Workplace” (hereinafter SCPW) since 2013.


The program aims at promoting smoke-free workplace and provide outreach smoking cessation services for working adults. We will arrange cross-professional teams to assist companies in setting up and implementing internal smoke-free policies; designing and developing sustainable employee health programs for participating companies. For promoting smoke-free culture, SCPW will also assist companies in organizing volunteers and CSR activities for engaging participating companies’ social participation in Tobacco Control affairs.

Program Highlights
  • The program is outreach-based, our staff will visit the company to provide services
  • Free health talk and carbon monoxide (CO) breath test will be held in company
    • Free One-Year Quitting Program will be provided, including:
      • Motivational Interviewing (MI) to assist smokers to quit
      • One-year telephone counseling service
      • Whatsapp Follow up
      • 3-Month phone SMS reminders (Quitting tips)
    • Assist companies in organizing promotion and volunteer activities for promoting smoke-free culture



Program Advantages

To the company

  • Build up a caring and positive corporate image
  • Improve employees’ sense of belonging to the company
  • Enhance employees’ performance and productivity
  • Better control of running cost

To the employees

  • Improve employees’ team spirit
  • Equip employees with correct information of smoking hazards
  • Assist employees to get rid of nicotine addiction
Service Period
of the current round of SCPW

All year round

Service Target                          

All Hong Kong companies with a valid Business Registration Certificate

Program Fee                              

The program is free of charge

Program Flow Chart

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